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String of Dolphins

Senecio peregrinus

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Just keep swimming - Our cute Dolphin succulent!

The Dolphin Succulent is a rare succulent vine. This string of little dolphins makes a whimsical yet refined design choice, with its eye-catching leaf shape and trailing cascade, adding instant charm to any room.

This Dolphin Succulent is a hybrid derived in part from the incredibly popular String of Pearls. This more unique and novel Senecio variety is both a conversation starter and a cute companion at home or in the office. Let this dreamy pod of dolphins swim into your life!

Grow pot size: 15cm

Overall height including grow pot: 10-15cm

Plant Care Level: Medium-Easy

Binomial Name: Senecio peregrinus

Other Common Names: String of Dolphins, Dolphin Succulent, Dolphin Plant, Flying Dolphins, Dolphin Necklace

Key Benefits of the Dolphin Succulent Plant

Dolphin Succulents are pretty low maintenance houseplants that require indirect light and can be placed outside during summer. Bear in mind that they require more water than other Senecios or succulents; they are little dolphins after all!

The Dolphin Succulent can withstand colder temperatures, barely needs fertilizing, and looks wonderful trailing or hanging in a macrame planter. This is a beautiful, fuss-free, and unusual plant that will suit any houseplant collection.

The Dolphin Succulent Plant Story

What is the Origin of the Dolphin Succulent?

The Dolphin Succulent is a hybrid cross between String of Pearls and the Hot Dog Cactus; flowering plants in the daisy family Asteraceae, native to southwest Africa.

Who is the Dolphin Succulent?

The Dolphin Succulent has also been commonly known as String of Dolphins, Dolphin Plant, Flying Dolphins, and the Dolphin Necklace.

The Dolphin Succulent is a sought-after and slightly rarer trailing succulent, ideal for lovers of Senecio and collectors of trailing plants. They look great placed up high on bookcases, shelves, stairs, or cupboards, where they can trail up to over 90cm over time!

Dolphin Blossoms

With the right care during its winter dormancy, the String of Dolphins will start to bloom starting in spring to early summer. The blooms are made up of small clusters of white flowers, with a beautifully sweet and cinnamon-like scent.

Is a Dolphin Succulent The Right Plant For Me?

Whether you love some attention to detail or wish to add some design flair to your space, the String of Dolphins is a perfect choice for a low maintenance houseplant with a stylish edge.

The Dolphin Succulent is fairly easygoing, just make sure the light and the water levels are correct and you’ll watch it grow into a healthy trailing vine over the years. Your String of Dolphins is sure to make you a very happy houseplant parent!

Dolphin Succulent Plant Care Tips and Info Guide

These adorable dolphins are happy in a shady spot, with filtered indirect sunlight, or placed by a south-facing window for a good 5+ hours of bathing in the morning sun.
In summer the Dolphin Succulent can be left outside for a boost of sunshine but will need plenty of regular watering. The String of Dolphins is a thirstier succulent than other members of the Senecio family - though still a relatively easy-care houseplant!

Any signs of changes to the leaves may mean they need more water, especially in summer. These babies go into dormancy during the winter, where they require cooler temperatures and much less water- once a month will do.

Care Instructions


Happy in a shaded place with lots of filtered light. Direct light can cause burns.


The Dolphin Succulent likes more water than the usual succulents and can be a bit unhappy if you do not water enough.

Give them a good soak and allow the soil to dry out between waterings.


Average from 18°C to 24°C - especially in the growing season. The Dolphin Succulent can also withstand lower temperatures than other succulents, but won’t survive a hard frost.


Dolphin Succulents only require occasional fertilizing. In fact, over-fertilizing them can cause the leaves to lose their iconic dolphin shape.

Feed once in spring with a balanced fertilizer.


Toxic to Cats, Dogs and other pets due to irritant sap and pyrrolizidine alkaloids - keep out of reach of children!


Place in a relatively root-bound pot, as String of Dolphins thrives in overcrowded conditions. Choose a well-draining soil and pot in a container with drainage holes. Do not overwater!


Remove yellow and dying leaves, using a clean and sharp utensil. Gently spray with water or mist to clean the leaves.

General Information About Your Plant


This plant is more a hanging plant, than a plant which grows tall.

Price Match Guarantee:

If you find the same plant at another online shop for a better price, we will match it.**Exempt are online garden centers and DIY markets and sales offers.

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