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Valentine’s Plants delivered to your loved ones

Heart shaped plants, Valentine’s Terrariums, living Flowers and plant gifts to show your evergrowing love and appreciation

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Best Selling Indoor Plants

Looking for somewhere to buy indoor plants to buy online.

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Plant Terrarium Kits - Unique Gifts For Yourself and Loved Ones

Gift Our Living Miniature Jungle, Rainforest & Desert thriving inside an Eco Friendly Glass container

Our Plant Terrariums are Natural Wonders at the Smallest Scale that will make the Best Green Gifts this season! These Mini-Ecosystems can be placed anywhere at home, are the easiest to care for and perfect to enchant any space. Give a lovely green surprise to anyone with our unique Terrarium Kit Gifts!


Pots & Accessories

You can find useful accessories and unique pots that will make your plants look even more beautiful.

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monthly plant subscritpion with delivery in Ireland

Monthly Plant Subscription Box

Get a plant With Matching Pot & Care Guide Sent to you every Month

Can't decide on a plant? With our Plant Subscription Box we will make the decision and surprise you every month with a plant and perfect matching pot. Got pets? No problem, we offer a Classic and Pet-Friendly Subscription Box.


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Creating A Green Oasis At Home Was Never That Easy

150.000 houseplants delivered to our happy recurrent customers since 2015

Whether you want the benefits of having air purifying plants gifting oxygen to your home; make your Jungly Interior Design ideas a reality, or send a Green Gift to that person you know will adore the surprise, your ideal plant is here! And all without the hassle of carrying and dropping soil all over your car.

Delivering beautiful indoor plants to your door and greenifying your sanctuary is what we live for! And do not worry, our delivery packages are secure, as environmentally-conscious as possible and delivered nationwide using trusted and safe couriers.

Questions on this New Plant journey? Find “How to Care For” guidelines and complete Plant Care and Natural Wellness articles in our Green Room Blog!

Plantcare from A‑Z

All you need to know about your plant

No two plants are the same. Some of your green friends are jungle dwellers, others prefer a desert; some love the sun, others not so much. Our A-Z guide has all the tools you need to keep your green friends happy.

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