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Succulent Plants

Succulent Plants

Succulence! is the best way to describe this Collection, the easiest friendliest Plants with gorgeous geometry, fleshy and engorged consistensy that will become your office and home new best friends!

Succulents evolved gracefuly to concerve water content inside and that is how they got to those perfect spherical growth patterns, gels like aloe´s, thick outer cuticles that callouse very quickly and shallow roots that can absorb water from the slightest outside moisture. Navigate this collection through shapes, light levels and price.

If are looking for the easiest independent plants and attractive shapes, these natural wonders are for you! Choose your favourites and we deliver them to your office or home! Read More

Sweetheart Succulent - Tiny Love in a PotHoya Kerrii Sweetheart Succulent
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Sweetheart Succulent

Moonshine Snake Plant | Sansevieria trifasciata - Bloombox Clubsilvery  Snake Plant moonshine - Ethereal Aesthetics
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Moonshine Snake Plant