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Living Room Plants

Living Room Plants

You might wonder why we have a whole collection of plants devoted to living rooms. As it’s one of the rooms in the home that we use the most, we believe that a living room filled with greenery, foliage and beautiful living room indoor plants is absolutely essential for creating a tranquil, peaceful feeling in the home...

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Fern soft to touch - Lace fern indoor plant delivery Lace Fern - Intricate soft plant
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Lace Fern

Large Green Wonder Plant- Verdant Foliage Brings Nature IndoorsLarge Green Wonder- Leafy Splendor and Luxurious Foliage
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Large Green Wonder

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Coffee Plant | Coffea arabicaCoffee Plant | Coffea arabica
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Coffee Plant

Plant with red flowers -Anthurium Rainbow deliveryColourful Flowering Plant - Anthurium Rainbow Red
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Anthurium 'Rainbow'

Chinese Money Plant | Pilea Peperomioides - Bloombox ClubMoney Plant - Wealth Symbolic Plant
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Red and orange Aglaonema Plant - 'Crete' varietyVibrant red and pink plant - Aglaonema Evergreen 'Crete'
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Chinese Evergreen 'Crete'

Set: 3 Heart Shaped Plants | Gift for Plant LoversSet: 3 Heart Shaped Plants | Gift for Plant Lovers
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Set: 3 Heart Shaped Plants

Bird of Paradise | Strelitzia reginaeBird of Paradise plant - Indoor garden oasis
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Bird of Paradise


Boston Fern


Whether you’re watching television, chatting with guests, loved ones or family, or simply sitting down with a cup of tea and a book - being surrounded by beautiful living room plants makes any activity feel more special, cosy and calm.

With this in mind, not all house plants like to be indoors, especially in rooms that don’t have much natural daylight. This is why we’ve selected a collection of beautiful plants suitable for living rooms, perfect for creating greenery and adding foliage even in spaces with varying degrees of light, humidity and warmth.

The Benefits of Living Room Plants

There are so many benefits to living room plants. A living room should be a space for rest, socialising and entertainment - and what better way to enjoy all of these things than by being surrounded by beautiful greenery whilst doing them?!

Because they are used by the whole family, living rooms tend to be among the most-used and therefore best-lit and best-heated rooms in the house. As a consequence, the conditions in living rooms already tend to lend themselves to good spaces for plant homes.

Which Indoor Plants are Best for Living Rooms?

Though living rooms are often amongst the most used in the house, this doesn’t always mean that they provide perfect growing conditions. Some are dry and lacking in humidity, due to central heating systems and fires in the winter. Others don’t have much natural daylight.

Whatever the conditions, we have prepared a list of a few plants that should thrive in your living rooms!

The Upright Elephant Ear

The Upright Elephant Ear is a stunning, exotic Alocasia plant that will take centre stage in your living room. With its beautiful large, bright emerald leaves, this plant will make your home feel fresh and welcoming.

Upright elephant ears (Alocasia) have shiny leaves that often display colourful variegations. They like to be grown in bright, indirect light - great for a living room that doesn’t have too many windows. Also, they enjoy consistently moist, but not wet, soil - so are perfect for indoor settings where you can control soil moisture.

Golden Pothos

The Golden Pothos with Moss Pole is perfect for adding a luscious green texture to your living room. We are obsessed with the huge, glossy leaves which curve outwards and boast soft yellow markings. This one has been chosen purely because it is so glorious to look at and because it will uplift any indoor living room space.

Blue Star Ferns

Blue Star Ferns naturally grow under the dense rainforest canopy, so they require little light to survive, making them perfect for dimly-lit living rooms. They also absorb moisture from humidity in the air, rather than just from their roots - so if your living room is a tad dry from central heating, try misting their leaves to give them a boost.

Additionally, the Blue Star Fern has beautiful blue-green fronds that spill over their pots, so they are lovely in ground pots or hanging pots.


How many plants should be in a living room?

There is no right answer to this question. On the one hand, it can be very tempting to fill our living rooms with as many living room plants as possible to create beautiful, overflowing foliage displays. On the other hand, plants - like humans - need space to grow. Overcrowding with multiple pots or plants in the same growing space impedes light and moisture. Find a balance!

How to organise indoor plants in a living room?

As discussed, overcrowding and putting all your plants in one area can be problematic. The best approach is to collect a mixture of hanging plants and ordinary pot plants and distribute them evenly so that there are levels of foliage. This is both aesthetically pleasing and good for healthy plant growth.