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Monstera Plants

Monstera Plants

Monsteras are some of the most iconic houseplants out there and they’re not giving up the limelight any time soon. If you’re aiming to get that complete suburban jungle vibe, then Monsteras will certainly live up to your expectations!

And what is it that makes these plants so special?Their gorgeous big tropical leaves, low light needs and easy care make them a hit to delight any plant lover. Find all types of Monsteras in this Collection! from Small Hanging Mini Monsteras in Eco-friendly Pots to the Extra Large Statement ones.

Create the broad and bright tropical jungle you have always dreamed about - we will deliver all your Monsteras safely to your home! Read More

Monkey Mask Monstera Plant - Whimsical WonderMonkey Mask Monstera delivery- Nature Playfulness
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Monkey Mask Monstera

Cobra Plant - Philodendron with trailing LeavesPhilodendron Plant Collection online: Cobra Variety
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Philodendron Cobra