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Small Indoor Plants

Small Indoor Plants

Beautiful small indoor plants for your home. Be it on a desk or a small shelf, these mini houseplants are easy to find a spot for. They come in growing pots that are no bigger than 12cm. Our range of small indoor plants is super diverse, with different shapes, patterns and colours that will make any space look wonderful...

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Fern soft to touch - Lace fern indoor plant delivery Lace Fern - Intricate soft plant
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Lace Fern

Coffee Plant | Coffea arabicaCoffee Plant | Coffea arabica
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Coffee Plant

Pineapple Plant - Tropical Elegance with Distinctive FormTropical Pineapple Plant - Exotic Allure
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Pineapple Plant

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Chinese Money Plant | Pilea Peperomioides - Bloombox ClubMoney Plant - Wealth Symbolic Plant
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Red and orange Aglaonema Plant - 'Crete' varietyVibrant red and pink plant - Aglaonema Evergreen 'Crete'
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Chinese Evergreen 'Crete'

Bird of Paradise | Strelitzia reginaeBird of Paradise plant - Indoor garden oasis
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Bird of Paradise

Dendrobium 'Apollon' | Dendrobium nobileWhite Orchid Bamboo delivery
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Dendrobium 'Apollon'

Cambria Orchid 'Nelly Iser' in Nano potred orchid - flowering plant Cambria
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Cambria 'Nelly Iser'

fun plant with crinkle leaves -Pleated Bird's NestPleated Bird's Nest Fern - rare and vibrant plant
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Sansevieria 'Hahnii' | Sansevieria HahniiSansevieria Hahnii - Petite Mother-in-Law's Tongue Plant
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Dwarf Weeping Fig Tree | Ficus Benjamina 'Natasha' - Bloombox Clubtiny tree Weeping Fig - plant  Interiors
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Dwarf Weeping Fig Tree

Hoya trailing plant online: Intricate Leaves and succulent beautyHanging Growing Hoya Wayetii - cute plant online
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Hoya Wayetii

Evergreen 'Maria'  Plant - tropical indoor plant Lush and patterned green plant - Evergreen 'Maria'
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Chinese Evergreen 'Maria'

Exotic pineapple 'Champaca' Plant deliveryPineapple fruit plant  'Champaca' online delivery
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Pineapple 'Champaca'

Neon Pothos | Epipremnum aureum 'Neon' Neon Pothos plant - Lively Radiance
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Neon Pothos

Dieffenbachia 'Mars' | Dieffenbachia seguine 'Mars'Dieffenbachia 'Mars' | Dieffenbachia seguine 'Mars'
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Dieffenbachia 'Mars'

Dracaena plant  Janet Craig Compacta in cement potlush green Plant Janet Craig - indoor greens
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Janet Craig Compacta

Philodendron 'Sweetheart Brazil' - Heart-Shaped plantsSweetheart Brazil Philodendron - Heart Leaf Love in Green
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Sweetheart Plant 'Brazil'

Calathea 'Ctenanthe' Plant- Striking Patterns in Oval foliageRare Tropical Plant Calathea Ctenanthe - Patterned oval Beauty
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Calathea 'Ctenanthe'

Begonia Rex Jive Plant - Green Groove GardenBegonia Rex Jive 12cm- Vibrant Leaf Patterns
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Begonia Rex 'Jive'

Ponytail Palm nolina | Beaucarnea nolinaGrowing Ponytail Palm Nolina indoor plant
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Ponytail Palm nolina

Velvet texture plant - Elephant Ear 'Black Velvet'Black Velvet Alocasia - velvety broad plant
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Alocasia 'Black Velvet'


Depending on what your home is like, you might be a bit short on space. But don’t worry, there are great plants available that will do nicely on a desk or a bedside table. Or maybe you’re just dabbling in the world of plants and want to see whether you’re ready to care for one? Here are a few ideas for what might be the best indoor plant to go for.

The Right Location For Your Small Plant

Whether you are just starting to explore plants or you’re already a plant lover: there is a plant for everyone. If you’d love some green in your home but with little maintenance requirements, then a Fishbone cactus would be a great choice for you. These plants grow well in warm spaces and like to dry out between watering. With its oddly shaped stems, it is an unusual but beautiful choice.

Whilst our small indoor plants take up less space, they tend to be more sensitive to changes, which can be tough given the mixed seasons. This means that these mini greens are more susceptible to droughts or bright sun than their bigger brothers and sisters might be.

The most important step in caring for your plant is to choose a spot with the right light, humidity and temperature conditions. Every plant is different, so here is a short guide to help you choose.

Light and Sunny Spots With Direct Sunlight

Every plant needs light, but there are differences in the amount they need. If you have a desk or an empty windowsill in a sunny spot, you should choose a houseplant that is native to sunny environments. This may be a succulent or a Dragon Tree. A general rule of thumb - if you notice brown spots on your plant’s leaves, try moving it to a different spot.

Bright Location With Indirect Sunlight

If you have a spot with bright filtered light, then you are in luck. Many of the small houseplants in this collection prefer bright indirect light because they originate from the jungles where the light is filtered by trees that tower over them.

Bright filtered light means a light spot where the sun does not shine directly on your plant. One of the most popular houseplants is the Chinese Money Plant. With its round leaves, it’s a beautiful addition to any home.

Rooms With Little Natural Light

Have you ever considered hanging plants for your kitchen or bathroom? You may be surprised, but there are some great small houseplants, for example, air plants. Just hang them on a shower rack or beams. If you prefer plants with trailing vines, then we would recommend the Green Sweetheart. This houseplant is easy to care for and will naturally transform your room.

You might be working in an environment where there’s more fluorescent light than sunlight. This environment can be quite difficult for a plant to survive in, depending on how much actual sunlight is available.

Plants that can cope with low light environments, like the Philodendron ‘Green Princess’, would be your best shot. But do not be discouraged if the mini houseplants die after a few years, as it can be a hard environment for them to thrive in.

No Matter the Size: Benefits for Body and Mind

Another thing that makes plants such a special addition to your home is that they can benefit your well-being. Plants not only look nice, but the act of caring for one is a form of self-care. Plus, the greenery reminds us that we are part of nature too.

Aside from benefitting the mind, plants can benefit the body, too. Plants support your body by improving air quality and humidity. When plants ‘breathe’ through their tiny pores, they absorb toxic gasses. By doing so, fewer of these nasty gasses can enter our respiratory systems. These benefits vary depending on the plant in question.


Many of the small houseplants that we offer come from tropical environments. Some of these rainforest dwellers will act as natural humidifiers. Just keep them well watered and misted and they will perspire. Plants like the Areca Palm will help balance moisture in the air, especially during winter when heat sources can dry the air.

Stress Reduction and Relaxation

Taking care of your small houseplants is a great way to forge a special connection. Being part of the natural world is what many of us forget about in our daily frenzy. Having an indoor plant in a space that you frequently work in, such as an office, can be a reminder of our small presence in the wider world. This helps alleviate stress as we take a different perspective and realise our significance in the bigger picture.

And if you think that caring for plants is a chore, then it’s time for that myth to be busted. The main benefit that any plant lover will rave about is the great feeling of witnessing their plants grow.

When you see the clusters of your Foxtail Fern get longer and bushier, you won’t be able to help feeling a sense of accomplishment. The fruits of your care become visible and there is no denying that you’re doing things right. So boost your self-confidence by caring for a small indoor houseplant!