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Begonia Rex

Elevate your indoor oasis with radiant, intricate leaves that dance in hues only nature can paint!
Begonias have graced countless homes with their ornate allure, admired not just for their undeniable beauty, but for the delightful challenge they present; a testament to a blossoming green thumb. These indoor wonders, widely recognised for their show-stopping foliage, fit seamlessly in spaces craving a touch of botanical elegance. Dive into this collection and find begonias in a myriad of shapes, colours, and sizes, perfect for different rooms, light conditions, and budgets.
Take the plunge with these indoor gems. And remember, we're masters at delivering your botanical treasures safely to your doorstep!


Begonia Rex 'Fedor'

24,95 €

Begonia Rex 'Ferox'

49,95 €

Begonia Rex 'Zumba'

42,95 €

Begonia Rex 'Salsa'

42,95 €

Begonia Rex 'Jive'

42,95 €

Begonia FAQs

How To Grow Begonias?

Begonias thrive in a soilless potting mix in a container with proper drainage. Ensure the soil remains slightly damp but not overly wet, as they're sensitive to overwatering. Most begonias, especially those grown indoors, enjoy bright, indirect sunlight. However, if the leaves seem scorched, it's a hint to move them to a shadier spot.

How To Fertilise A Begonia?

For lush foliage and blooms, apply a liquid houseplant fertiliser every two weeks. Always follow the package instructions for the right dosage to avoid over-fertilizing, which could harm the plant.

What Different Types of Begonias are there?

There's a vast array of begonia species, with over 1,000 known varieties. The main types include fibrous, tuberous, canes, and rhizomatous. Indoor begonias are particularly prized for their decorative leaves.

How to Propagate your Begonia?

Propagating begonias is an enjoyable task! Simply snip off a healthy cutting and place it in a jar of water. Once roots form, transfer the cutting to a pot filled with a soilless potting mix.

Are Begonia pet-friendly?

Begonias, particularly their tubers, can be toxic if ingested. It's best to keep them out of reach of pets and children to ensure safety. Always consult with a veterinarian if you suspect your pet has consumed any part of the plant.