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Garden Plants | Plants for terraces, balconies and conservatories

Discover a fantastic variety of exceptional garden plants perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings. Choose from unique trees, shrubs, and grasses, all conveniently potted for your garden's delight.

Embrace the freedom that our potted garden plants bring to your space. Redesign, reimagine, and refresh your garden effortlessly. Whether you're changing up your garden layout or adding stylish patio furniture, our potted garden plants blend seamlessly.

Choose from a range of unusual trees, shrubs and grasses...

Calamondin Orange Tree - Citrus Delight for Homegrown FreshnessCalamondin Orange Tree - Mini Orchard for Indoor Gardens

Calamondin Orange Tree

85,95 €
Lemon Tree - Citrus indoor plant CharmIndoors Lemon Tree Online-  Fresh Citrus at home

Lemon Tree

86,95 €
Bay Laurel | Laurus nobilisBay Laurel | Laurus nobilis

Bay Laurel

149,95 € 159,95 €

Lime Tree

84,95 €
Bay Laurel | Laurus nobilisBay Laurel | Laurus nobilis

Bay Laurel

26,95 €

All of the plants in this collection come in growing pots, so you can move them inside in poor weather and outside in fair weather.