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Pet-Friendly Plants | Non-toxic plants safe for cats & dogs

Pet-Friendly Plants | Non-toxic plants safe for cats & dogs

You can now finally let go of the worry and navigate our beloved Non-Toxic Plant Collection! Created to be your trusted place for the best Pet Friendly Plant Finds.

Or subscribe to receive a pet friendly plant every month with our Pet Friendly Plant Subscription.

Select your favourite safe plants by sizes, room type, light levels and price, we will deliver them safely to your door!
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Chinese Money Plant | Pilea Peperomioides - Bloombox ClubMoney Plant - Wealth Symbolic Plant
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Boston Fern

fun plant with crinkle leaves -Pleated Bird's NestPleated Bird's Nest Fern - rare and vibrant plant
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Pineapple Plant Set with Glazed Pot - Tropical garden FusionGrowing Pineapple Plant indoors -  Online delivery
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Exotic pineapple 'Champaca' Plant deliveryPineapple fruit plant  'Champaca' online delivery
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Pineapple 'Champaca'

Ponytail Palm nolina | Beaucarnea nolinaGrowing Ponytail Palm Nolina indoor plant
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Ponytail Palm nolina

Sweetheart Succulent - Tiny Love in a PotHoya Kerrii Sweetheart Succulent
New in!
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Sweetheart Succulent

Calathea Rattlesnake plant - Striking Patterns and Graceful FoliageCalathea Rattlesnake foliage - Intriguing Leaf Design
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Calathea Rattlesnake

Calathea 'Ctenanthe' Plant- Striking Patterns in Oval foliageRare Tropical Plant Calathea Ctenanthe - Patterned oval Beauty
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Calathea 'Ctenanthe'

Calathea 'Amagris' -Tropical Patterned plant Calathea amagris - Intricate tropical plant
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Calathea 'Amagris'

Mini Parlour Palm - Small Tropical Plants Parlour Palm -Miniature green cascade
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Parlour Palm Mini

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Cute Peperomia Marble plant -variegated softness Peperomia Marble plant- oval cream leaves
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Peperomia 'Marble'

Calathea 'Bluegrass' Plant - Fuzzy  FoliageCalathea Bluegrass Plant - Tropical Fun
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Calathea Bluegrass

Calathea 'Elgergrass' | Calathea Rufibarba 'Elgergrass' - Bloombox ClubElgergrass' Calathea plant - tropical fuzzy housepla
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cat and dog owners! - have curious pets that can't seem to help themselves? If that's you then don't panic, all the plants in this collection are safe for pets, according to the best research available.