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Pet-Friendly Plants | Non-toxic plants safe for cats & dogs

You can now finally let go of the worry and navigate our beloved Non-Toxic Plant Collection! Created to be your trusted place for the best Pet Friendly Plant Finds.

Or subscribe to receive a pet friendly plant every month with our Pet Friendly Plant Subscription.

Select your favourite safe plants by sizes, room type, light levels and price, we will deliver them safely to your door!

Calathea 'Flamestar' - plant with beautiful Foliage for Indoor SpaceCalathea 'Flamestar' delivery - Striking Leaves in Red Hues

Calathea Flamestar

54,95 €
Calathea 'Pink Ornata' vibrant plant with Stripes of Colour onlinePink Ornata Calathea delivery- Exquisite Pink Striped foliage

Calathea Pink 'Ornata'

59,95 €
Calathea 'Amagris' -Tropical Patterned plant Calathea amagris - Intricate tropical plant

Calathea 'Amagris'

21,95 €

Hoya Wayetii

9,95 €
Mini Parlour Palm - Small Tropical Plants Parlour Palm -Miniature green cascade

Parlour Palm Mini

22,95 €
1 review

Haworthia Succulent

24,95 €

Peperomia 'Marble'

44,95 €
Exotic pineapple 'Champaca' Plant deliveryPineapple fruit plant  'Champaca' online delivery

Pineapple 'Champaca'

56,95 €

cat and dog owners! - have curious pets that can't seem to help themselves? If that's you then don't panic, all the plants in this collection are safe for pets, according to the best research available.