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Palm Plants & Trees

Palms are an easy way to make your home feel more exotic and warm even in European winters. With their tall stalks, lovely green leaves, and elegant stature, palms add that warm ocean feeling. Read More

Palm Plants & Trees

Palm Plants & Trees

Janet Craig plant - interior tropical plants Janet Craig - shiny foliage plant
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Janet Craig Fragans

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Janet Craig Compacta

Hawaiian Palm | Brighmia InsignisHawaiian Palm | Brighmia Insignis
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Hawaiian Palm


They always seem to be swaying in the breeze and can transport you to a tropical place.
Palms are pretty easy to care for and just require a bit of humidity replication to ensure they stay happy and healthy year-round.

They are excellent oxygen producers which makes them ideal for most home settings. Create a tropical paradise in your home with our lovely selection of palms.

Bring a touch of the tropics to your home or garden with our spectacular selection of indoor palm plants and trees. These robust plants are surprisingly versatile and are a great option for any room in your home.

It’s important to consider your environment, but we believe that the most important thing is the atmosphere you’re looking to create. So, when it comes to picking indoor palms, make sure you’re picking the ones that speak to you! Scroll down for more tips and tricks.

Palm Plants Bring a Touch of Tropics to Your Home

What comes into your mind when you see a palm tree? Holidays? Warmth? Relaxation? Well, who couldn’t use a little more of that in their home! Palm trees bring a fresh, bold look, with minimal fuss on your part.

The plants in this collection are super easy to care for, so they’re a great pick for plant newbies and seasoned plant owners alike. If you are just starting your own plant collection, these hardy palms will ease you into the joys of plant care. (Trust us, you’ll become an expert quicker than you’d think!)

Many of these houseplants come in different sizes, so you can choose what works best for your room, or get a whole family of plants - the Kentia Palm being a prime example. Larger palms make impressive statement houseplants, while smaller palms can soften up your desk. Pop a large palm in the corner of your living room to bring a splash of vibrancy, or group it with some other plants of different shapes and colours to create a bit of drama.

Bright Light but Out of Direct Sunlight

All houseplants need light to live, but most of them actually prefer sunshine in moderation. This certainly applies to the palms in this edit. As you get to know your plants better, you’ll begin to recognise when they’re getting too much or too little light. By paying attention to your plants, you'll begin to learn what they need. All of this happens (reasonably) intuitively, making it a gratifying and very enjoyable pastime.

Plants from tropical regions are often great natural humidifiers for your home. One of those is the Areca Palm. The stems become a fountain of arched green leaves, radiating vitality. This green wonder also improves air quality by removing toxins and increasing humidity levels. It comes in various sizes, so there are many ways it can complement your interior.

Another beauty that likes brightly lit spaces is this Fishtail Palm! Although it might not have the classic palm look, be assured that this plant will bring a vibrant jungle vibe to any room. Its leaves are ridged and fin-shaped, hence the common name Fishtail Palm.

Shade Tolerant Plants

Although you might associate palms with sun and beaches, some variants don’t mind low light. One of our all-time favourites is the Emerald Palm because it can grow in pretty much any conditions. Simply adapt the watering frequency depending on how much light it’s getting, and you’ll have one happy chap!

As some of these plants originate from tropical regions, they will love a more humid environment. Palms will feel right at home in steamy kitchens and bathrooms. The Sago Palm is one of those, and it also tolerates the shade that most of our bathrooms have. The feathery fronds grow from the trunk, which doesn’t branch out. It’s one of the taller plants in this collection but will only grow slowly due to its age.

Palms for Your Garden

Come spring and summer, you may be able to bring your palm outside, depending on the variety. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden or balcony in your home, consider adding a touch of island paradise. Most of the palms in this edit will appreciate the light and warmth, but too much direct sun can scorch their leaves.

Bring the tropics onto your terrace or balcony with a palm tree. Surround your outdoor sitting area with greenery to create a holiday feel in your own home: perfect for reading a book in the sun or inviting friends round for a BBQ. Most of the palms in this edit are hardy and durable enough to work in this environment. Just remember to keep an eye on them, keep them partially covered and take them back inside during autumn.

Benefits of Indoor Palm Plants

Air Purifying

As plants ‘breathe’ through their foliage, they filter toxins from the air, keeping them out of your airways. Our rule of thumb: the more surface area a plant has, the better it will absorb nasties. Some of the best purifying plants out there are the Kentia Palm and Dragon Tree ‘Magenta. They are no-fuss plants and thrive just fine in those dingier corners of the room. They’re a beautiful green companion to have!

Boosts Your Wellbeing

Ever wondered why taking a stroll through nature makes you feel so refreshed and revitalised? It’s because plants and humans go way back. In fact, psychologists have found that green colours trigger an evolutionary response. When we see greenery, our brain pumps out serotonin and helps us to feel happy, energised and revitalised - there’s no wonder some people are so plant-mad!

Whether you’re feeling slightly blue or need a little motivation, Palm Plants can certainly come to the rescue. Their lush tropical greenery boasts a plethora of colours - just one plant can help you create a more positive atmosphere.

How to Care for a Palm Plant?

Light: Typically, house palms love bright to indirect light. Most can also tolerate dimly lit conditions, but they all thrive best in brighter spots. Keep out of harsh direct sunlight, as too much sun can scorch their leaves.

Water: Water your Palm Plant when the top two inches of soil is dry. Just poke your fingers into the soil and if they come out dry, it’s time to water! When watering, soak the soil all the way through and allow excess water to drain away.

Humidity: Although most Palms will tolerate low humidity, giving them an odd spray here and there will keep them extra happy. Make sure to mist them in the morning rather than at night.

Fertiliser: Fertilise with a balanced fertiliser when the plant is actively growing: typically from early spring to late autumn.

Bloombox Club Care Tip: When your Palm Plant is looking a little dusty, give the leaves a gentle wipe. This will help them photosynthesise better and keep them looking lushly green.


Are palms good house plants?

Palms are the perfect houseplant! Not only do they add a tropical vibe to your space, but they are also very versatile and thrive in average house conditions. There’s no real need to add a humidifier or keep the room at a certain temperature, making them a great household addition!

Are palm trees easy to grow?

Yep! Palm Trees are very easy to grow. They’re not particularly hardy to colder climates, but as houseplants, they’ll survive just fine. Most Palm Trees require such little care you can often just leave them to their own devices. They grow their best when they get proper care, but they won’t die if you forget to water them every now and then.

Do palm plants need a lot of water & direct sunlight?

Typically, no. Too much direct sunlight can scorch their leaves, so they thrive best in indirect, bright light. However, some palms will also survive in dimly lit spaces, which makes them great household companions. When it comes to their water appetite, some require watering every couple of weeks, whereas others every few days. A rule of thumb: Feel the soil and give them some water when the top two inches of soil is dry.

Can you put palm plants outside?

Some species, yes. The most popular palm species to grow outside is the Trachycarpus fortunei, but most of our palm species are adapted to stay indoors. In the summer months, some of our palms can be moved outside, as long as they have some shade.

What plants go well with palm trees?

A general rule of thumb when pairing plants together is to pick out a commonality. For example, ones that share the same colour hue and the spread of their leaves. We think pineapple plants make great palm tree companions, as well as Cordylines, Crotons and even Caladiums! Getting a good combination of texture, colour and leaf size will also make your palm trees pop.