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Ceramic Plant Pots

Ceramic Plant Pots

Our selection of ceramic plant pots is the perfect thing for your home or office. Each of these pots is made with expertise and has a fantastic glaze that covers a rustic-looking, sleek plant pot.

These pots come in a wide variety of colours that can suit a huge range of colour schemes. Furthermore, these pots come in a wide variety of sizes to fit all of your different plant needs. We offer multiple sizes on several of these pots so you can keep your space nice and uniform.

Everything from sea green to washed-out pink, these ceramic pots will be able to add some lovely colour contrast to your range of plants. Read More

sphere plant pot - white Ceramic planterSphere Planter - Whimsical Plant Decor
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Dragon Egg Pot Ø 14cm

White Ceramic Planter Blanco - Minimalist Plant DisplayWhite Planter - Simplicity Indoors
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Ochre Ceramic Pot 'Venti' Ø 15.5 cm - Bloombox Club Ochre planter in ceramic - Colorful warmth tones for gardens
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Venti Ochre Pot Ø 15.5cm

Pearl Ceramic Planter - sophisticated pearl TouchElegant pearl plant plot - Ecru Pearl' in Ceramic
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Ecru Pot Ø 15.5cm

Macchiato Pot from topMacchiato Pot top view
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Macchiato Pot Ø 12cm


A selection of beautiful ceramic plant pots ranging in a variety of sizes to choose from.

These ceramic pots will suit any style with their unique texture and colours.