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All Pots & Accessories

All Pots & Accessories

We've curated the best selection of Pots. Accessories for you to choose from! We carry watering products, fertilizer, soil, and much more! Check out the Pots & Accessories collection at Bloombox Club. Read More

Coconut Compact Soil for Your Growing PlantsGardening Essentials -  Compact Soil for Lush and Thriving Plants
Save 61%

Compact Soil (Expands to 10 Litre)

6,95€ 18,00€
Garden Essentials online: 3 Tool SetGarden Tool Trio - Nurturing Greenery indoors
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3 Piece Garden Tool Set

Terrarium Soil, Gravel and Charcoal
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Garden Scissors - Precise Tool for Pruning and Plant CareTrim with Precision: Garden Scissors for Neat and Healthy Plants
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Garden Scissors

Mister Glass Bottle for Plant Care -A refreshing breeze for your plants
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Glass Mister Bottle

Round Steel Watering Can -  Plant Care Functional Style
New in!
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Round Steel Watering can

White recycled plastic watering can from Elho
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Aquarius Watering Can

Gardening Gloves - Protection and Comfort for Green Thumbs
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Gardening Gloves

Garden scoop - Essential Gardening Tools for Precise Soil HandlingGarden Scoop - Controlled Soil Placement
New in!
Save 31%

Garden Scoop

19,95€ 29,00€
Garden Pruners  - Essential plant care tools Pruning Made Easy: Garden Pruners for Perfect Cuts
New in!
Save 35%

Garden Pruners

17,95€ 28,00€
Silver String Fairy Lights 40 Led Bulb - Sparkling gardenSilver String Lights for plants - Decorating with Magical Illumination
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Copper Fairy Lights for plants (100 Bulb)fairy lights - Enchanting Ambiance and nightime charm
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Fairy Lights (100 bulbs)

22,95€ 23,00€
Sakina x Bloombox Club Signed Print- Image 1
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