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Most orchids are an epiphyte. If they were to occur naturally in the wild they would be found growing on trees, using the branches as support. It's the genetic cross-breeding of this species that creates bright colours and exotic patterns.

In their natural environment, these orchids can be found growing in tree canopies and rock faces. They absorb nutrients and water from their surroundings...


Cambria 'Nelly Iser'

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Bamboo Orchid 'Apollon' | Dendrobium Nobile - Bloombox ClubWhite Orchid Bamboo delivery

Dendrobium 'Apollon'

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They are known for their wild stick like aerial roots, these roots have evolved to develop natural sun protection and to anchor the plant to trees and rocks. Healthy roots are thick, and have a silvery coating on them, while the tip will remain bright green.

Where are orchids from?

Phalaenopsis orchids are native to Asia and parts of Australia, since their discovery they have grown in popularity and are a popular plant amongst growers. Most orchids that we see today are cultivars, designed to exhibit bright colours and new patterns.