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Flowering House Plants

Flowering House Plants

It's not always easy to get indoor plants to flower, but there's no better feeling for a plant lover when they do! Some hoyas take years to flower. By this time, you'll have built a truly nurturing relationship with your plant and will feel super proud to see it bloom. As well as indoor flowering plants, we have a few...

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Anthurium 'Zizou' | Anthurium livium 'Zizou'Pink  Anthurium flowers - Exotic  Blooms
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Anthurium 'Zizou'

2 Reviews
Plant with red flowers -Anthurium Rainbow deliveryColourful Flowering Plant - Anthurium Rainbow Red
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Anthurium 'Rainbow'

Cambria Orchid 'Nelly Iser' in Nano potred orchid - flowering plant Cambria
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Cambria 'Nelly Iser'

Strelitzia 'White Bird of Paradise' Plant - Majestic Tropical FoliageStrelitzia Nicolai Plant - Tropical Elegance
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White Bird of Paradise

Anthurium plant 'White Champion' -  White Bloomswhite flowers of anthurium with shiny leaves
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Anthurium 'White Champion'

Dendrobium 'Apollon' | Dendrobium nobileWhite Orchid Bamboo delivery
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Dendrobium 'Apollon'

Bromeliad 'Elegant Flames' - Vibrant and Exotic FoliageBromeliad flower plant - Exotic Striking Leaves
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Bromeliad 'Elegant Flames'

Pink flowering plant - Guzmania 'Candy' Blooms Pink Candy' Guzmania plant -Tropical rose Delight
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Guzmania 'Candy'


flowering plants for your garden. If you want to liven up your balcony or terrace – we've got some great varieties to show you!

The Lowdown on Indoor Flowering Plants

During winter, plant growth slows and some plants even grow dormant. The majority of plants grow vigorously in Autumn, but when a plant flowers depends on the variety in question. Some plants welcome the warmer seasons with flowers, others don’t flower until the beginning of autumn, while others don’t flower at all. If you love witnessing this annual cycle as much as we do, then this edit is the right place for you!

As most of these plants originate in tropical environments, it might take a few years until you'll see flowers in your home. Caring for your plant will teach you what its needs are. This nurturing relationship is beneficial for the plant – but also for you and your wellbeing. When you finally see flowers sprout, there’s hardly anything more gratifying!

Space might be a limiting factor for you, so we want to give you an overview of plants by size to help with your choice. These plants are medium to large in size, giving you a range of options for your home. Larger plants tend to be more robust and can bring structure into your plant collection, while smaller plants offer you flexibility, and tend to be cheaper.

Medium-Sized Plants for Shelves

Do you have some free space on top of a chest of drawers, bookshelf or mantelpiece? Bring it to life with a Calathea Never Never (or two?)! This Brazilian beauty has large oval leaves with a dark green pattern on its light green surface. Even without its white and yellow flowers, it's a stunning addition to your home.

One plant that will draw your attention is the Pygmy Pineapple 'Amigo'. When you get it delivered to your home, it will already bear a mini pineapple. You can eat it, but we wouldn't recommend it. (It's quite bitter!) The main plant isn't going to produce another flower, but its pups will! They'll appear in the soil, so if you repot them, they can grow into a whole new flowering plant.

Large Floor Plants

You'll notice that there are quite a few flowering Calatheas in this edit. The genus is more widely known for its air purifying abilities. Based on our wellbeing philosophy, these plants are real wonders. (More on that later…) Bring dashes of colour into your plant collection with the Calathea' Triostar'. Its foliage covers everything from green to burgundy, making every leaf a one-of-a-kind!

Have you ever seen a flower that looks like the head of an exotic bird? Yes, we're serious. The White Bird of Paradise offers one of the most impressive flowers we've ever seen. Its large flower comes in striking colours with astonishing large paddle-shaped leaves. In contrast to the delicate flower, its stems are quite sturdy. Those stems have to carry birds in its natural environment as they're one of its main pollinators.

Flowering Plants for Your Patio and Balcony

If you're lucky enough to have a balcony or even a patio in your home, tending to outdoor plants can be a great pastime, come spring. While you're spending some time outside, you're shaping the atmosphere of the space to suit your needs. Adding plants creates a balance that relaxes whilst feeling revitalised.

Introducing some flowering plants to your outdoor space benefits not only you but also local wildlife. As concrete jungles have replaced areas of natural wildlife, sources for valuable pollen and nectar have diminished. Luckily, pollinator-friendly plants are becoming more sought after every year. By caring for your outdoor plants, you're also helping to provide food sources and shelter for our winged friends.

Hanging Baskets and Balcony Boxes

The cities that most of us live in tend to have limited natural spaces available. Inherently that also applies to most homes. Be the exception with a bright balcony box or hanging plant. We've got some beautiful hanging varieties for you that will work in the smallest of spaces. All of them come with hangers, so you can put them up as soon as they arrive.

For all bee lovers out there, we've put together a Bumblebee Balcony Box. They are low-maintenance plants, but we'd recommend cutting any dead flowers to make room for new ones. With the right care, they'll return year after year. Transform your balcony with this beautiful box whilst doing good!

Hanging plants are a beautiful way to bring a splash of life to an empty corner. The Pink Bellflower 'Adansa' has gorgeous pink, white flowers that last all the way through spring and summer. It's a no-fuss plant that loves plenty of sunshine. Whether you have a garden, patio or balcony – this flowering plant is just stunning!

Potted Plants for Your Outdoor Space

Make your patio, balcony or garden an extension of your home. By taking the time to create a space you feel comfortable in, you give yourself a break from day-to-day frenzies. Whether you like to read a book in the sun, have friends over or simply get your hands into the soil, introduce some greenery for an inviting and revitalising atmosphere!

Citrus trees bring a Mediterranean vibe to your home. During summer, they're flowering, enchanting you with their fragrance. These plants are quite hardy; all they need is a sunny spot and well-drained soil. Pop a Lemon Tree on your patio, and - who knows - you might even get some fruit!

The Pink Bellflower 'Ambella' is another feature plant you won’t want to miss this year. It has a bushy body that is covered with pink, purple flowers throughout summer. The good news is, by bringing this beauty to your garden, you're also supporting wildlife. Bees absolutely love the flowers on this plant.

Is Moving Indoor Plants Outside a Good Idea?

As it gets warmer, you may have toyed with the idea of bringing your indoor plants outside. Whilst some would love the extra sun, there are a few plants that won’t like the upheaval. Before you move them, consider what the conditions of the space are: is there direct sunlight? Is it sheltered from strong winds?

Moving your plant outdoors may require adapting your plant care routine a little bit. Monitor your plant, and you'll notice if there's any malcontent. With warm summer temperatures, you'll probably have to water it more regularly than usual. For the humidity-loving plants, mist them every few days as our summers are much drier than what they’re used to.

The Wellbeing Benefits of Flowering Plants

Adding plants to your home will make it feel vibrant and joyful. Bring an otherwise neutral space to life with these living breathing organisms. The mental health benefits of nature are becoming increasingly well known, including stress-reduction and improved focus. Bloombox Club are also passionate about the benefits of plant care, specifically - find out more by signing up for our Plant Subscription Box!

Support Your Body

As you know, plants photosynthesize, a process that mirrors the way humans breathe: when plant breathe in, they absorb CO2 as well as airborne toxins. As they breathe out, they release oxygen which improves the air quality in your home. Pretty impressive, right?

Once you've found the right spot for your plant in your home, you may notice it collects dust on its leaves. But remember, your plant isn’t creating dust; whatever dust your plant collects is being kept off surfaces out of your lungs! However, it's important to wipe your plants down every so often so it can breathe well too. Dusting your plant allows it to photosynthesize more effectively and continue to clean your air.

Not sure what makes a good air-purifying plant? The general rule is: more foliage means more surface area to 'breathe'. A particularly skilled air-purifier is the Calathea Bluegrass. Its lavish foliage branches out at the top of its stems, giving it a wild and vivid look.

Support Your Mind

Bring the benefits of spending time in nature into your home. Looking after your houseplants is not just rewarding. It can also be beneficial for your mental wellbeing. As you're giving them your time and attention, you're also building a bond. When you foster the nurturing impulses that we all have, the theory goes that you’ll become better at nurturing yourself and others.

Evolutionary psychologists argue that our ancestors relied on instinct as well as learned behaviour to find the best places to settle. These cues are still ingrained in our collective subconscious, and influence our cognitive processes today. For example, when we gaze at fractal patterns, with a particular dimensional range, it helps our minds focus. One plant that has this characteristic is the Calathea Flamestar.

What’s more, psychologists also say that the more diverse and dense your plant collection, the better, so there’s no need to justify your zealous plant habit!


What are the types of flowering plants?

There are many types of flowering houseplants, and there are many ways of grouping flowering plants. Here at Bloombox UK, we have a wide selection consisting of a range of hanging baskets, balcony boxes, indoor and outdoor plants. The only attribute all these plants share is that they all flower – either all year round or in season – creating a beautiful range of colours and textures.

Which flowering plants bloom all year?

Most gardenia plants flower only in the spring, however, if carefully maintained and cared for, these beautiful plants can bloom all year. They’re especially lovely due to the sweet, alluring scent of the white flowers they produce. The kumquat tree only produces white flowers in spring. However, despite this, the tree can produce beautiful orange kumquats all year round – a fragrant, colourful addition to your houseplant collection.

What flowering plants look good together?

We think that the Lily ‘Stargazer’ Pink and the Calathea Bluegrass are a perfect combination of flowering houseplants. The white-pink flowers and long stems of the Lily ‘Stargazer’ Pink look stunning alongside the vivid, elongated leaves of the Calathea Bluegrass and its stunning foliage, making this our favourite indoor flowering plant combination.

What are the most popular flowering indoor plants?

One of the most popular indoor flowering houseplants is the Lemon Tree. It seems that people just can’t get enough of the vibrant yellow fruits and the exotic, warm feel they bring to any room – especially in a cold UK winter. Another hugely popular indoor flowering houseplant is the Pineapple Plant. Though you can’t eat the pineapple, it’s a pretty, decorative addition to the leaves - making it a truly special flowering houseplant.