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Green Sweetheart Plant

Philodendron scandens

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The Green Sweetheart Plant is a wonderful trailing plant that might look whimsical but it's a fairly vigorous grower and a long-life plant. They can do well in low light conditions and will instantly transform indoor environments into living spaces.

The name comes from its beautiful heart-shaped dark green leaves. This philodendron is often mistaken for a pothos but the tips of its leaves are pointier and glossy.

Small: Growing pot size is 12cm.

Large: Growing pot size is 17cm plus hanging hook.

We advise buying a larger decorative pot size as the lip of the hanging pot makes it slightly bigger

Pets: Toxic to humans and pets

Key Benefits of the Green Sweetheart Plant

Humidifying and Purifying

As part of their photosynthesis, the Philodendron scandens transpire, releasing the water that they absorb and increasing the humidity of the air! They also filter impurities from the air helping keep respiratory problems and skin sensitivities at bay!

Plant Care Tips: Sweetheart Plant

  • As with other tropical plants, the Green Sweetheart prefers humid and bright areas, however, it will survive in with moderate light. Keep it away from direct sunlight.
  • The ideal temperatures are between 16 and 24ºC.
  • This plant doesn't need as much water as other philodendrons, you can allow the soil to become slightly dry between waterings (not completely dry, though!) Rainwater and distilled water are safer.
  • Mist the plant often to give it the extra tropical humidity it needs.
  • Feed your Philodendron scandens twice a week with half diluted fertiliser during the growing season and once a month in the colder months.
  • If you notice the roots outgrowing the pot, it’s time to repot the plant (best in the spring), using a peaty potting soil mix.

The Sweetheart Plant Story

Where is it from?

Native to South and Central America, especially Brazil and Mexico; and the West Indies.

Who is the Sweetheart Plant?

  • It is often given as anniversary gifts due to its heart-shaped leaves and association with romance.
  • A climbing plant, its scientific name means ‘tree-loving climber’. In its natural habitats, it is usually found climbing tree trunks.

Good For You!

  • Relaxing: Being around houseplants has a calming effect on people. Place them in your office and they will help lift the weight of daily pressures!
  • Focus: Plants also help us concentrate and strengthen memory!

Is The Sweetheart Plant The Right Plant For Me?

This Philodendron doesn’t require special care apart from regular pruning of trailing stems. Pruning will boost healthy growth.

It can also be trained to climb a pole or plant support. If you prefer a trailing plant, you can hang it from a hook!

Fact: I'm an easy-grower so a great plant if you want to start your indoor jungle quickly!

How tall does it grow? Its vines can grow up to 4 ft, sometimes even longer!

Add a little romance to your home decor with the lovely Green Sweetheart Plant. Buy yours today!

Care Instructions


I prefer medium light: not too bright and not too shady. But I am more tolerant of shade than others.


Keep my soil moist but I am more tolerant of drought than overwatering. Little and often is best.


Keep me warm and away from draughts. I shouldn't be in a room lower than about 14 degrees.


Give me some weak, all-purpose fertiliser during the warmer months.


Keep me away from pets and children.


Just give my leaves a wipe if dust builds up so I can breathe properly.


If I'm getting too long or a bit straggly, take sharp shears and give me a trim.

General Information About Your Plant


I originate from the Caribbean, Colombia and Venezuela, but today I'm also grown in Asia.


I can grow as tall as 4m if I'm cared for well.

Price Match Guarantee:

If you find the same plant at another online shop for a better price, we will match it.**Exempt are online garden centers and DIY markets and sales offers.

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On orders over £85.

Decorative pot sold separately.

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Alice P.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Amazing customer service and great products

I ordered from bloom box after I’d received a gift ordered from them and I was so pleased I decided to buy from them myself. I sadly had a problem with the delivery of my plant but the team were swift, friendly and helpful in getting a replacement on the way. I was so impressed with the level of customer service and also thrilled with the plant I received!