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Colourful Plant Pots

Colourful Plant Pots

For those colour enthusiasts among us - we have a fantastic selection of beautiful, colourful plant pots. We have a range of block colours with a variety of textures to suit a plethora of different colours.

For those of us who prefer more mineral greens, blues, and softer colours we have a lovely range. Similarly, for those of us who prefer brighter, warmer colours, we have plenty as well!

These pots come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes, and with different patterns, so they can suit whatever your needs are. Order your new favourite splash of colour at our online store today. Read More

Ochre Ceramic Pot 'Venti' Ø 15.5 cm - Bloombox Club Ochre planter in ceramic - Colorful warmth tones for gardens
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Venti Ochre Pot Ø 15.5cm

Pearl Ceramic Planter - sophisticated pearl TouchElegant pearl plant plot - Ecru Pearl' in Ceramic
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Ecru Pot Ø 15.5cm

Silver blue planter -  Metallic Accents for Modern GardensBlue Silver plant pot - silver Elements and Sleek Aesthetics
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Stitch Pot Ø 17cm