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The Green Room

From plant care tips and videos to wellbeing articles, our blog is full of bitesize information that will help you take care of plants - and of yourself

Can a Plant Eat a Human?
They're questions oft-typed into google: 'can a plant eat a human?' and 'how do carnivorous plants work?' The answer to the former is 'not as far as we know,' but the latter is a little more complicated. 
17 Pretty Decorative Indoor Plant Pots
Can you think of a better way to enhance your home décor and keep your plants safe than with lovely decorative indoor plant pots? Because we cannot...
An Interview with Eve Chase
To celebrate the recent success of Richard & Judy book club author Eve Chase's latest releases, we teamed up with Penguin Books to come up with...
Why Men Need Self-Care Too
We don’t need to tell you that in most areas of life, society is set up to suit men. From can-openers to walking home at night to work culture, the...
Let's Talk About Bees
It’s easy to forget the significance of a small insect, especially when they are commonly mistaken for wasps or are seen as pests. In the summer i...
3 Ways to Combat Overthinking
Stuck in your head? Unable to switch off and relax after a long day? It's a familiar feeling for most, especially over the past year, when our opt...
Winter Lockdown? Choose the Path of Least Resistance
If the next four weeks seem like a battle to be won, we invite you to rearrange your thinking and choose the path of least resistance. 
What is Skin Pollution?
Friends of Bloombox Club Up Circle are a sustainable skin care brand who know a thing or two about skin care and the environment! Words by Up Cir...
Battling SAD in Lockdown
SAD (seasonal affective disorder) affects around 4% of the population, though a far greater number report feeling low during the colder months. Apt...
How to Manage Coronavirus Burnout
‘How can you be burnt out when you’ve barely left the house all year?’ The way some people talk about the pandemic make it sound like it’s been one...
Would you work from home forever?
As many as 74% of companies will allow employees to work from home beyond the pandemic, say management experts Gartner. Tech giants facebook, Google and Twitter have all publicly announced an expansion of their pre-lockdown home-working privileges, with the latter saying workers will be allowed to remain at home forever. 
How to Find Pots that Fit Your Plants
Matching plants to pots really shouldn't be hard! In an ideal world, growing pot sizes would be standardized and all potters, ceramicists and manuf...