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The Green Room

From plant care tips and videos to wellbeing articles, our blog is full of bitesize information that will help you take care of plants - and of yourself

What is Skin Pollution?
Friends of Bloombox Club Up Circle are a sustainable skin care brand who know a thing or two about skin care and the environment! Words by Up Cir...
Battling SAD in Lockdown
SAD (seasonal affective disorder) affects around 4% of the population, though a far greater number report feeling low during the colder months. Apt...
How to Manage Coronavirus Burnout
‘How can you be burnt out when you’ve barely left the house all year?’ The way some people talk about the pandemic make it sound like it’s been one...
Discover the Benefits of Aomori Hiba
Revered in Japan, Aomori Hiba is an ancient and slow-growing cypress tree whose wood has been used for centuries in the construction of temples and...
Diary of a Plant Hunter
If you’ve ever stopped and wondered where your houseplants come from and how they come to be, there’s no story more satisfying than that of Smit Kw...
Houseplants for Balconies, Terraces and Covered Gardens
A word of caution before you bring you unroot your entire plant collection: most houseplants lap up warmth and light, but will shrivel in direct sun. Similarly, some plants are either too fussy or too delicate to risk moving from the spot they’ve adapted to. While an Areca Palm could get caught in a sudden summer rainstorm and be fine, a Calathea or Orchid might be gone for good. 
Would you work from home forever?
As many as 74% of companies will allow employees to work from home beyond the pandemic, say management experts Gartner. Tech giants facebook, Google and Twitter have all publicly announced an expansion of their pre-lockdown home-working privileges, with the latter saying workers will be allowed to remain at home forever. 
How to Find Pots that Fit Your Plants
Matching plants to pots really shouldn't be hard! In an ideal world, growing pot sizes would be standardized and all potters, ceramicists and manuf...
Subscriber of the Month - April
Congratulations to Jessica, our subscriber of the month for April! Every month, Bloombox Club looks back at the previous month's batch of sub...
What is Chinese New Year?
The Chinese calendar follows lunar and solar cycles, meaning the New Year begins with the first new moon, after the Earth has made a full revolutio...
Subscriber of the Month - Croton Mammy
Last month's Classic Subscribers received the Croton variegatum 'Mammy', a variegated star with corkscrew foliage. The Crotons you'll normally see ...
A Natural Health Service? Wildlife Conservation as Mental Health Treatment
Mental health programmes with nature at their core are both effective and ‘excellent value for money,’ says independent research carried out by Leeds Beckett and Essex University, in collaboration with the Wildlife Trust.