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Potted Christmas Trees | Living Trees Delivery 2023

Potted Christmas Trees | Living Trees Delivery 2023

⊹🎄⊹ ࣪ Our 2023 Enchanting & Sustainable Christmas Tree Collection! This year, we bring you an exquisite selection of Living Christmas trees. Find your favourite living tree or pick a bundle with Holiday's Plant Baskets and Fairy lights. Read More

Silver String Fairy Lights 40 Led Bulb - Sparkling gardenSilver String Lights for plants - Decorating with Magical Illumination
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Copper Fairy Lights for plants (100 Bulb)fairy lights - Enchanting Ambiance and nightime charm
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Fairy Lights (100 bulbs)

22,95€ 23,00€

✨ Illuminate your festive season with durable, non-plastic fairy lights, and much more to ensure that your Christmas decor is not only enchanting but also eco-friendly.

⊹🎄⊹ ࣪Transform your celebration with Green Holiday Memories by saying no to the staggering 6 million Christmas Trees discarded Every Single Year in the UK.

✨ Select from a variety of sizes to complement your personal lifestyle and space and make this Christmas the most magical and green one yet!

 Hope you're enjoying all our Christmas plants and Trees Collection! Just a quick heads up – if you're eyeing something special for Christmas, make sure to place your order before 17th December. After that, we can't promise it'll make in time for Christmas.

But hey, no worries if you're a last-minute shopper (we've all been there!). For those eleventh-hour gifts, consider sending your loved ones Plant Gift Vouchers or Plant Subscription Cards.

Happy Plant Christmas!