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Christmas Trees | real potted trees that will grow all year round

Copper Fairy Lights for plants (100 Bulb)fairy lights - Enchanting Ambiance and nightime charm

Fairy Lights (100 bulbs)

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We cannot guarantee that orders placed after Wednesday 16th December will make it in time for Christmas. For last minute gifts, we recommend our digital Gift Vouchers of Gift Subscription Cards.

Not Just for Christmas

After our beautiful pines have delighted us in December, they're destined for the scrap heap, needle-less and browning. 

While there are more eco-friendly ways to dispose of trees, if you're looking for new ways to cut down on waste this year, why not buy a living potted tree that will continue to grow after Christmas. As it gets warmer, you can move your tree out of doors where it will continue to grow happily.

Our tallest classic Christmas trees are just shy of 1m tall, but with a year if nurturing, they could be pretty impressive by next December!