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Father's Day Plants

Dads are the best! But sometimes feels impossible to figure out the perfect gift...therefore, here’s a tip:
Plants are universal gifts!
We have all kinds of unique plants, tools and even “lucky plants” to wish Pops fortune and longevity.

Are plants a good Father's Day gift?

Definitely! Dads will surely appreciate a refreshing gift on Father’s Day. It would be a cool reminder of them taking care of you when you were little, although maybe the green, leafy variety would be less fussy. Kidding!

What are some good plants to gift for Fathers Day?

Make it easy for Pops! We recommend a plant that will stay alive even if they forget to water it. Older folks tend to be more sensitive to pollen, so maybe go for less fragrant variants. One with their favorite color or a fruit-bearing plant is always welcome.

How to send plants as gifts to your Dad?

We made it easy to send gifts. Just choose any plant on the site, enter the delivery address, and we’ll send it for you. Make sure to place your order in advance! and if this is a last minute gift, you can try our Gift Vouchers and our Plant Subsciption card, for your dad to get more plants anytime he wants!

How can we help deliver your plants safely?

Bloombox makes it a point to deliver your plants in secure packaging so they arrive perky and healthy. You’ll be notified of estimated delivery dates, but no need to wait at home. Our couriers will leave the plant in a safe spot, ready to welcome you when you get home.