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Housewarming Gifts

Let’s face it, who doesn’t love receiving a plant as a gift? Gifting a plant is the perfect way to congratulate your friends or family members on moving into their new home.

Here at Bloombox, you can get plants delivered straight to their doorstep! Just choose from our wonderful selection and pick out a housewarming plant you know they’ll love.

Housewarming Gift & Ideas

Calamondin Orange Tree | Citrus mitis 'Calamondin'Calamondin Orange Tree | Citrus mitis 'Calamondin'
Calamondin Orange Tree
59,99 €
Philodendron Fuzzy PetitolePhilodendron Fuzzy Petitole
Philodendron Fuzzy Petitole
44,95 €
Strelitzia reginaeBird of Paradise
Bird of Paradise
25,99 €
Alocasia Lauterbachiana | Elephant Ear LauterbachianaElephant Ear Lauterbachiana Plant UK
Alocasia Lauterbachiana
33,99 €
White Bird of Paradise | Strelitzia nicolaiWhite Bird of Paradise | Strelitzia nicolai
White Bird of Paradise
69,99 €
Anthurium 'Zizou'
23,99 €
Guzmania 'Candy'
27,95 €
Monstera PinnatipartitaMonstera Pinnatipartita
Monstera Pinnatipartita
69,99 €
Chinese Evergreen 'Crete'Chinese Evergreen 'Crete'
Chinese Evergreen 'Crete'
28,00 €

Is indoor plants a good Housewarming Gift?

Yes! Sometimes it can be tricky to know what to buy as a housewarming gift, but we think an indoor plant is a perfect way for your recipient to spruce up their new space without overcrowding it.

What plant do you give for Housewarming?

Pretty much any plant is suitable for a housewarming gift. We recommend starting small for optimum flexibility, but if you fancy gifting them something a bit bigger, just check out our selection of medium and large plants.

How can you send plants as Housewarming gifts?

Here at Bloombox, we offer a fantastic variety of housewarming plants to choose from. Simply filter our selection according to your chosen criteria or consider purchasing one of our digital gift vouchers so that your recipient can choose for themselves!

How can we help deliver your plants safely?

We make it our mission to deliver your plants as safely as possible. If you aren’t home, our couriers will leave your plant in a safe place to ensure that it spends as little time as possible in the box. We aim to deliver your plants within 5 working days.