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Corporate Gifting

Elevate your gifting game with houseplants, perfect for leaving a lasting impression on clients, partners, and employees. From lush greenery that enhances office spaces to low-maintenance succulents that bring serenity to any environment, our handpicked selection offers an ideal blend of elegance and freshness. Nurture meaningful connections and foster a sense of well-being with our indoor plants – the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

Why Gift Plants?

Up to 20% OFF

Get a discount on your corporate gifts depending on your order size.

Plants Make People Happy

Indoor plants have a proven ability to improve mood, reducing stress and anxiety while fostering a sense of tranquility and well-being.

Something for Everyone

Whether your gift recipient has a green thumb, or has never cared for a plant before, we have the right fit.

Pot Size Guide

Matching plants to pots can be a tricky business because planters differ in terms of depth, shape, and the size of their rims. But as long as you follow these instructions, you should have no trouble suiting up your new green friend.

  1. Check the dimensions of your new plant’s growing pot (the plastic pot with holes in).
  2. Look for a pot that is at least 1cm taller and 1cm wider than the growing pot.

We always give the inner diameter of our ceramic pots & baskets, and the outer diameter of our plastic growing pots.

For example: if you have your eye on a plant with a growing pot that is 12cm wide and 10cm tall, you will need a ceramic pot that is at least 13cm wide and 11cm tall.

What if my pot is too small?

If the pot you’ve chosen doesn’t fit the plant, you could consider re-potting it directly into the ceramic pot. To do this you will need appropriate soil and a couple of handfuls of pebbles or broken pottery to absorb excess moisture.

There are a few reasons we recommend keeping plants in planters: it’s easier to check on the roots, they have some give, and you’re less likely to let your plant sit in water. But as long as you keep an eye out for these issues, and use the pebble technique, you should be just fine.

What if my pot is too big?

It’s not a huge deal If you choose a pot that’s too big, though it could mean you’re unable to see all of your plant’s lovely foliage, and it has a bit of a wobble.