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Bring some colour with beautiful blossom

The Hydrangea, also known as Hortensia, is one of the hardiest of shrubs. Native to Asia and America, the Hydrangea belongs to a collection of plants that includes over 75 similar species.

Although this beautiful flowering shrub isn't evergreen, you can keep your Hydrangea producing beautiful blooms for longer by deadheading regularly. This will prolong the flowering for as long as possible. Leave Autumn blooms in place, so that new growth is not encouraged too near the end of the season.

We have three different colours available:

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • White

Grow pot size: 23cm

Overall height including grow pot: 40-45cm

Plant Care Level: Easy

Key Benefits of the Hydrangea

Can bloom two times with the right amount of care.
Can easily survive in the growing pot, but can also be planted in your garden or into a raised bed.

Easy to care for.

The delicate and colourful petals of the Hydrangea bring a splash of colour to wherever it is potted or planted. The fresh-looking blooms also make excellent cut flowers. When deadheading the Hydrangea, don't wait for the heads to wilt, make the most of them by cutting them a little early. Then place them in a vase to bring some more sunshine into your home!

The Hydrangea Plant Story

Where is it from?

First cultivated in Japan, the Hydrangea is native to Asia and America. The Hydrangea made its first appearance on European soil in 1736. This was when Peter Collinson, a colonist from Pennsylvania, brought the Hydrangea to the UK. Since then, the Hydrangea has become one of the most popular choices of garden shrubs in the UK. The Hydrangea is a hardy plant, easy to look after, and survives most weather conditions.

Who is the Hydrangea for?

The Hydrangea is an excellent choice of plant for just about everyone to grow. From the novice gardener who's just starting out, to the expert that's been cultivating beautiful plants and flowers for years. Whether you’re looking for an indoor potted plant or an outdoor plant, the Hydrangea is ideal.

Is the Hydrangea the right plant for me?

The Hydrangea is a very popular choice among UK gardeners. It’s easy to care for, it grows well in a variety of environments, and it will continue to produce stunning flower heads year after year.

This surprisingly hardy plant can also withstand the British weather! Hydrangeas are able to handle the cold, the heat, and even some frost. It’s perfect for adding some colour to your life. You just need to choose which colour! Blue, White, Pink, or maybe all 3?!

Fun Fact: The Hydrangea represents good luck, gratitude, happiness, abundance, and good fortune!

For more information and tips, check out our handy guide for growing indoor-outdoor plants!

Care Instructions


Loves morning sun or a place with no direct sun!


Water thoroughly 3 times a week throughout summer and winter. Keep the soil moist at all times and do not let the soil dry out.

Do not let the Hydrangea sit in water as this may cause the roots to rot.


They don’t mind the frost, and will bloom during the spring and summer months. Some may still blossom late after an early start.


Hydrangeas should be dressed with a light layer of fertiliser in March, May, and July. This will help the Hydrangea to reach its full potential.


Prune immediately after the flowering has ended for the season. Do not prune in late autumn, winter or spring.


Spray them during the summer month, best with some collected rainwater to keep away spider mites.

General Information About Your Plant


The Hydrangea is native to Asia and America.


With time they can grow into a real bush that will keep flowering throughout the years!

Price Match Guarantee:

If you find the same plant at another online shop for a better price, we will match it.**Exempt are online garden centers and DIY markets and sales offers.

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