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Polka Dot Begonia

Begonia Maculata

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A highly desired plant, thanks to its unique appearance

The Polka Dot Begonia is a beautiful foliage plant with two-toned leaves and distinctive white polka dots. Maculatas have long crinkle-cut leaves which finish with a point. Their foliage is coloured deep green on top, with a deep reddish-pink overleaf. The Polka Dot variety has a series of perfect white spots on the top. 

But there's another reason this plant is special. According to rumour, this Begonia inspired shoe designer Christian Louboutin to create his signature red-soled stilettos! You're not just getting a unique plant, you may also be taking home a slice of history and fashion!  

Choose from 2 options

Growing Pot

Your plant will come in a growing pot that you can pop into your favourite decorative container.

Growing pot size: 12cm
Overall plant height including growing pot: 20-25cm


The Polka Dot Begonia in a biodegradable handmade coconut fibre bowl. No decorative pot needed! It also includes a hanging rope.

Kokodama pot size: 17cm
Overall Plant Height Including Kokodama: 20-30cm
Toxicity: Keep away from nibbly pets and curious children

Key Benefits of the Polka Dot Begonia - Begonia Maculata

Purifying and Dust Trapping

  • Plants with larger leaf surfaces like the Polka Dot Begonia are pro air purifiers. As part of their photosynthesis, they remove impurities from the air transforming them into the oxygen you breathe.
  • Larger leaves are also excellent dust trappers, keeping toxins away from your lungs! 
  • A great plant for the bedroom or for those struggling with respiratory problems. 

Plant Care Tips: Polka Dot Begonia

This plant thrives in humid, warm and bright environments, but keep it away from direct sun or it will scorch its leaves. Bathrooms and kitchens are the perfect rooms. Water it weekly and keep the soil constantly moist. Feed it twice a month during the growing season. 

The Polka Dot Begonia Story

Part of the Cane Begonias group, they have asymmetrical angel-wing leaves and grow on bamboo-like stems. 

Where is it from?

Polka Dot Begonias are originally from Asia, Africa and South America, most prominently in Brazil. 

Who is the Polka Dot Begonia?

Also called Spotted Begonia, Clown Begonia and  Trout Begonia due to their shape and pattern.

Good For You!

  • Humidity: Tropical plants like the Polka Dot Begonia love humidity, and because of that, they transpire a lot acting like a humidifier. Great if your skin is on the dry or sensitive side.
  • Self-confidence: Building a relationship with unusual plants and watching them thrive as a result of your efforts help increase your self-confidence and prepare you to better deal with life’s challenges. 

Is The Polka Dot Begonia The Right Plant For Me?

Its unusual looks may give off the idea that they are picky plants, but once it's settled in the right spot (away from radiators and air conditioning vents) it will be fairly easy to care for.

How tall does it grow? This fast grower can reach 1.5 meters tall with the right care. 

Fact: During the flowering season (spring to autumn) I produce white flowers in a cluster on a single flower stem.

A lovely plant that will add a spot of fun to your indoor oasis! Get your Polka Dot Begonia today! 

What is a Kokodama?

Kododamas are made in Sri Lanka in collaboration with local communities. Every bowl sold help projects that give school children a better future!

But what is the correct spelling?

Kokedama: A Japanese tradition, they are bowls made with moss on which the plant grows.
Kokodama: Our Kokodamas are based on the Japanese tradition but made with coconut fibre, hence the slight variation on their name!

Polka Dot Begonia - Begonia Maculata Care Guide


I like a lot of light, so place me in a bright room. But if my leaves discolour, it could be because I'm getting too much direct sun.


When my top soil is dry give me a very good soak. I love high humidity so a pebble tray works well.


I really hate the cold, so please make sure I'm neve in a room below 15°C.


Feed me all through late spring to mid autumn every two weeks. Every 5-6 weeks over the winter with a slightly dilated feed.


If I'm getting too gangly, cut my offshoots down and I should bush out nicely.


If I'm ready to be repotted, do so in a mixture of sand, clay, and loam.

Polka Dot Begonia - Begonia Maculata General Information


I originate from Brazil.


I grow fairly fast and can grow to around 1m in height.


Like all begonias, I am toxic when ingested.

Price Match Guarantee:

If you find the same plant at another online shop for a better price, we will match it.**Exempt are online garden centers and DIY markets and sales offers.

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On orders over £85.

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