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Shingle Plant

Dischidia platyphylla

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Dischidia plants have not been as well studied as their closely related cousin the Hoya. As a result they are not common to find in homes and those that have made their way to society are frequently mislabeled.

Climbing or trailing this unique beauty is well deserving of its own recognition!

Grow pot size: 15cm
Height: 16cm, Mature plants can reach 100cm in length
Plant Care Level: Medium
Pets: Keep away from nibbly pets

Key Benefits of the Shingle Plant

The Dischidia platyphylla is truly a unique trailing plant; If you are tired of the same old photos that everyone seems to have. Make a statement with the shingle plant and add a little intrigue to your home.

Enjoy the unique growing pattern of the Dischidia platyphylla leaves.
Why buy art and pictures when you can train your plant to cover your wall instead!
Alternatively, have the plant cascade down resplendently from a high shelf.
Easy-to-care for: simply leave next to bright indirect light and water whenever the soil feels dry.

Shingle Plant Care tips

How to care for information:
Take care to check the soil moisture level every 5-10 days. Only water the plant when the soil is noticeably dry. These plants like a slight drought in between waterings.

Avoid direct sunlight. These plants cannot handle direct sunlight.

Avoid placing near windows and doors where a draft could occur. Keep the temperatures consistent.

The Shingle Plant Story

Where is the Shingle Plant from?

The shingle plant is a tropical epiphyte commonly found growing in its Native environment in India, China, and Indo-China.

Who is the Shingle Plant?

In its native habitat the twining vines are heavily decorated with ovate leaves that lay flat against the tree or wall that it has taken root on. The flat leaves lay in such a way that they overlap each other closely resembling that of a shingled roof. Hence the name.

Place me up high on a bookcase or shelf and I'll be just as happy. Make sure I receive lots of bright Indirect light!

The Shingle Plants and local Ants in its native region have formed a symbiotic relationship! The flattened leaves provide protection and a home for ants to live under. While the Ants intern provide nutrients for the plant.

Do not fret, our plants come without their ant friends!

Good For you!

Vitality: my vibrant green foliage has been scientifically proven to make you feel good! By triggering an immune response in your brain, I can cause you to feel vital and healthy, just like me!

Perspective: I am alive, and this very fact has a significant impact on your general awareness. By being in the presence of plants, you can feel more embedded within the ecosystem and part of something living and breathing.

Is the Shingle Plant the right plant for me?

Although this Dischidia platyphylla is not yet a household name, that doesn't mean this plant isn't brimming with life and vitality.

In fact, part of the appeal of this plant is its uniqueness and distinctive beauty.

The Unique growth pattern and origin story... What more could you ask for from a hanging basket?

If you're thinking of the perfect fit for that bookshelf or empty wall space, the Dischidia platyphylla is the plant for you.

Care Instructions


Bright indirect Light. Avoid Direct Sun exposure.


Water when the soil is visibly dry and allow excess water to drain.


Average temperatures between 16C - 24C


This is an epiphytic plant that requires a well draining mixture that contains bark and perlite.


The Milky sap is toxic when ingested and can be a skin irritant. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling.


Use a balanced fertilizer during Spring and Summer.

General Information About Your Plant


India, China, and Indo-China


16cm, Mature plants can reach 100cm in length

Price Match Guarantee:

If you find the same plant at another online shop for a better price, we will match it.**Exempt are online garden centers and DIY markets and sales offers.

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