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Wandering Dude 'Violet' with Coconut Pot

Tradescantia Zebrina 'Violet'

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The Wandering Dude is a hugely popular plant due to its extremely easy-going nature - you'll find it hard to stop this one from growing!

Known for its easy-care nature and colourful foliage of silver, purple and green, which will trail or hang, as you wish. The name, Wandering Dude, is derived from its propensity ability to root and thrive in different environments.

Also known as the Inch plant, it has unusual green, silver and purple leaves which are almost pearlescent. This super-fast grower looks best left trailing from a shelf or in a hanging pot.

Choose from 2 options

Growing Pot

Your plant will come in a growing pot that you can pop into your favourite decorative container.

Growing pot size: 12cm

Overall plant height including growing pot: 15-20cm


The Wandering Dude in a biodegradable handmade coconut fibre bowl. No decorative pot is needed. It also includes a hanging rope.

Kododamas are made in Sri Lanka in collaboration with local communities. Every bowl sold help projects that give school children a better future!

Kokodama Size: 15cm

Overal Plant Height Including Kokodama: 5-15cm

But what is the correct spelling?

Kokedama: A Japanese tradition, they are bowls made with moss on which the plant grows.
Kokodama: Our Kokodamas are based on the Japanese tradition but made with coconut fibre, hence the slight variation on their name!

Key Benefits — Perspective and Productivity

Plants are ‘alive’ and remind us of our small presence in the wider ecosystem. This can give us the perspective that our daily stresses are not as significant as we may think they are.

They also help us improve our creative thinking and productivity at work. Studies show that fractal patterns like the ones on the Wandering Dude trigger our ‘alpha’ response; a relaxed, yet wakeful state.

Plant Care Tips: The Wandering Dude

Inch plants like bright, indirect light and slightly moist soil. Allow the soil to dry out in between waterings. In the winter, frequent misting is appreciated. You can feed it monthly with a half-strength liquid fertiliser. Pinch back long vining tendrils to encourage branching and fullness.

The Wandering Dude Story

The Wandering Dude doesn’t really age well and no matter what you do, at some point, it will start losing its leaves at the base, while its long legs keep growing. This is not a problem, the best anti-ageing treatment is to propagate it! Take cuttings and bury the ends in fresh potting soil.

Where is it from?

They naturally grow in South and Central America but mainly in Mexico.

Who is the Wandering Dude?

The most frequently used common name is actually 'Wandering Jew,' stemming from the plant's ability to adapt and thrive in any environment. We've gone for an alternative name, used in some (more conscientious) plant communities.

The name ‘Zebrina’ comes from its zebra-like leaves.

Good For You!

  • Boost: Looking after and propagating your Wandering Dude increases your engagement with nature and in turn, it will increase your nurturing energy.
  • Connection: As you are engaging with the plant and nurturing it you end up looking better after yourself.

Is The Wandering Dude The Right Plant For Me?

So, you still think we need to convince you? This plant is beautiful, it’s convenient, it’s flexible, it’s forgiving!

If you’re not at home a lot or you are just a bit forgetful, not a problem! The Wandering Dude is happy to take a break in between waterings and will flourish the next time you give them some hydration.

Toxicity: Keep away from nibbly pets and curious children to prevent skin irritation. Growing them in hanging baskets is a great idea! (The plant, not your pets and children!)

How tall does it grow? In the wild, they can grow up to 6 feet tall, as a houseplant, it will be a little more compact.

Useful to know:


I am native to Mexico and Central America.


I am fast growing and can grow to half a meter long.


I thrive in bright to medium light conditions. To maintain the most striking colours, give me bright, diffused light.


Once my soil has begun to dry out, give me a good watering. In the Winter, do so less frequently. Don't let me sit in wet soil for long periods as this will cause root rot.


I am happy in normal room temperatures from 10-24°C.


During the growing season feed me every few weeks with a diluted solution.


An important part of growing me is pinching back my long, vining tendrils. Good grooming will encourage me to branch and increase fullness.


I enjoy humidity and being misted on occasion.


I am mildly toxic to pets so best keep me away from pets and children.


I have a slightly shorter lifespan than other plants, but you should be good for about a year.

*Decorative pots sold separately

A beautiful and easy going plant that will bring you many benefits! Get your Wandering Dude today!

Price Match Guarantee:

If you find the same plant at another online shop for a better price, we will match it.**Exempt are online garden centers and DIY markets and sales offers.

Free Shipping

On orders over £85.

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