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Corporate Gifting

Elevate your gifting game with houseplants, perfect for leaving a lasting impression on clients, partners, and employees. From lush greenery that enhances office spaces to low-maintenance succulents that bring serenity to any environment, our handpicked selection offers an ideal blend of elegance and freshness. Nurture meaningful connections and foster a sense of well-being with our indoor plants – the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

Why Gift Plants?

Up to 20% OFF

Get a discount on your corporate gifts depending on your order size.

Plants Make People Happy

Indoor plants have a proven ability to improve mood, reducing stress and anxiety while fostering a sense of tranquility and well-being.

Something for Everyone

Whether your gift recipient has a green thumb, or has never cared for a plant before, we have the right fit.

Stay Rooted This Christmas

This year, it's even more important to spread festive cheer. Let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them with uplifting plant varieties and festive pots which won't look out of place in January!

The Gift Edit

Our resident plantsperts have put together gorgeous bundles, readymade combinations and a selection of personal care & homeware products. Bundles & combos come with built-in savings of up to 25%, making your Christmas gifting a little easier.

Caring From Afar

Discover nurturing gifts for plants, people and pets alike!

From beautifully designed watering cans to organic plant food to distilled Aomori Hiba body wash.
All of our Aomori Hiba products contain oil distilled from the eponymous Japanese tree, which is revered in its native land. The smell has an immediate calming effect on the body, and the oil itself has unique healing properties.

Items in our Plant Care & Self Care collection have the added bonus of being easily transportable and having a long shelf life.


Gift Subscription Card

Let us surprise your giftee every month with a unique plant, a perfectly fitting pot, inspiring booklets and extra add-ons.


If your giftee seems to have every plant under the sun, you can always give a voucher so they can pick out their own plants, pots and accessories.

Plant & Pot Combinations

Gifting in a hurry? We've put together some of our favourite indoor plant and pot combinations, so you can be sure to get the perfect fit! Plus our combos come with at LEAST 15% off.

Large Plant

Make someone's day by giving them a real show-stopper of a houseplant. These mature varieties will have been growing for years and will make a real difference to someone's home.