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Panda Plant

Kalanchoe tomentosa

2 reviews
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The Panda Plant is a darling of the Bloombox Club Headquarters!

These gorgeous succulents will make a bright and sensory addition to your outdoor or indoor plant collection. They have velvety, fleshy leaves that are super soft to touch and can produce small red, pink, yellow or orange flowers.

Kalanchoe tomentosas are very easy to maintain. They can be enjoyed as indoor plants all year round but as they are native to tropical and subtropical climates, popping them outside in warmer weather will help them thrive! Find them a bright spot out of direct sunlight and make sure to use succulent or cactus potting mix!

Growing pot size: 14 cm

Overall plant height including growing pot: 20-25cm

Toxicity: Mildly toxic, keep away from nibble pets and curious children

Key Benefits of the Panda Plant

Connect and Confidence

The Panda Plant is a great addition if you want to create a more sensory garden and will help stimulate your senses. Its fuzzy leaves are lovely to touch!

We know that not everyone is born with a green thumb. And even so, if you are a forgetful or a new plant parent, succulents like the Kalanchoe tomentosa are perfect! Starting off a plant collection with a Panda Plant may be the gateway to your own indoor oasis!

How to care for Panda Plants

Like most succulents, the Panda Plant is easy to care for and doesn't require too much attention, however, that doesn’t mean that they can be completely neglected.

  • The ideal temperatures are between 15ºC and 23ºC
  • Bright light and sunshine are welcome! A mixture of direct, indirect light and shade is ideal!
  • Water it once the soil has gone dry. Soak the soil but don’t leave water in the bottom tray.
  • This plant is a slow grower but it will appreciate reporting once every 2 years, less when it matures. Use a cacti and succulent potting mix.
  • During summer and spring, feed it with a liquid fertiliser once every 4 weeks.
  • They are not fussy about humidity and can tolerate dry air.

The Panda Plant Story

Also known as Pussy Ears and Donkey Ears, it’s easy to understand why the Kalanchoe tomentosa was given these nicknames. Fuzzy texture, colour and shape make them look like ears.

Where is it from?

They grow naturally on the island of Madagascar

Is The Panda Plant The Right Plant For Me?

Panda Plants look and feel great. They also don’t require a lot of care, so if you don’t have a lot of gardening experience or time to invest, they are definitely the ones for you!

How tall does it grow? In its native habitat, it can grow up to 1 metre tall. As a houseplant, it will rarely reach more than 2 feet tall.

Easy to care for, lovely to touch and charming looks, what’s not to like? Get your Panda Plant now!

Care Instructions


I love bright light and sunshine but don't leave me in a sunny spot behind glass for too long!


I am a succulent so only water me once the soil has become dry, then soak the soil, but don't leave me sitting in water. During the winter you'll need to water me even less


Room temperatures of 16-24°C are perfect./p>


Feed me once a month during the spring and summer with half strength fertiliser.


I am toxic so please don't eat me.


I'm super easy - no fuss required!


Overwatering is my most likely cause of illness. I can withstand being dry but not wet!

General Information About Your Plant


I am native to Madagascar


I can grow to a maximum height of 60cm

Price Match Guarantee:

If you find the same plant at another online shop for a better price, we will match it.**Exempt are online garden centers and DIY markets and sales offers.

Free Shipping

On orders over £85.

Decorative pot sold separately.

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Jocelyn S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Great plants

Really please, plants arrived packages safely and they were bigger than I had expected! Delighted x



Hi Jocelyn, We are very happy to hear that your plants arrived safely and we hope that you love them! Thanks, Bloombox ClubTeam

Amanda C.
United Kingdom

Lovely plants

I purchased two of these Panda Plants, ordering was straightforward and they arrived promptly, well packaged and in excellent condition, only two leaves were damaged in transit and these were easily removed. These lovely plants are a good size and very healthy, a welcome addition to my cactus and succulent collection. I would definitely recommend Bloombox.