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Based on traditional Japanese Kokedamas which are made using moss, our new Kokodamas are coconut fibre bowls handmade in Sri Lanka. They are 99% natural and 100% biodegradable! There’s no need for a decorative plant pot - they look great as they come! You can start to create your own indoor jungle by hanging them using the rope included in each box!

Spread Kindness

Sri Lanka is one of the top 5 exporters of fresh and dried coconut products on the planet. Approximately 12% of all the country's agricultural produce is coconut-based.

Our suppliers work with communities that carefully handmade the Kokodama bowls. A margin of the profits of the sales goes back to these communities to help with local projects that give school children a better future.

A sustainable alternative to plastic plant pots. You’ll help the environment and the Sri Lankan people by creating your own private oasis!

Decorate your Home

Kokodamas will create an outdoor feel to your indoor space and help you design a balanced and harmonious atmosphere at home. And, because they are handmade, each of them is a unique individual!

There’s also no stress about picking the perfect decorative pot, that’s already figured out for you! If you have run out of surface space, you can hang your Kokodama from the ceiling with the included hanging rope!

We’re Loco about KoKo!

Did you know that the Coconut Palm is one of the oldest trees in the world? It's also called the ‘Tree of Life’ as, throughout history, it provided humans with food, drink, shelter and clothing.